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 The Nugget Mines
Programmer Fonts Small,Monospaced,Distinct,Legible.
Automatic Testing
Coding Style
Constants and Basics
 Moving Data
[Helpers] Helpers
[AppPath] Find the Application's Path and FileName
[AutoPlay] Make CDs open web pages automatically
[Click] Create Click Messages for your Controls
[HandCursor] Use a Hand Cursor without having one in your Resources
[LinkButton] Web Link style Button Class
[Lock] Multithreading Mutual Exclusion (Mutex) Lock class
[MemDC] Use flicker-free Video Page Swapping with Device Contexts
[Modeless] Create Dialog Boxes that run in their own Thread
[MsgWnd] Notify using MSN-style pop-up window messages
[QuickFill] Draw Fast Rectangles to fill window backgrounds
[Toney] Let your Application play RTTTL Ringtones
[SingleInstance] Create a Single Instance Application
[Status] Progress Bars made Fast and Easy
[SysFont] Use the System Font
[Threads] Easy, safe Threads using a class CThread
[ToolTips] How to implement Tool-Tips
[TrayIcon] Minimize your Application to the System Tray
[WndAnimator] Animate the Title Bar as your Application is Minimized [(like Windows Explorer)