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This page helps you make paper and card boxes (re-use old Christmas cards, chocolate boxes etc.) that are great as gift-boxes or for keeping treasures in.

Deprecation: Unfortunately, this page uses a Java Applet, and these are no longer supported in modern browsers (the page remains for existing users).
The Java code was short and simple and can be viewed [here] for those wanting to use it.

Read these notes, then click the Drawing Tab to see the current Box Net Shape.

Click to see the Tucker Folding Video
Tucker Folding Video

Click to see the Making the Tucked Clicker Video
Making the Tucked Clicker Video

Click to see the Transparent Clicker Video
Transparent Clicker Video

  • Print onto the back of Birthday Cards so that the lines don't show on the final box.
  • Print onto plain paper until you are sure the printout will come in the right place for the card!
  • If the card won't fit through your printer, it is still easy to stick a plain-paper printout onto the card and cut around it! Just keep sticking down free edges as you cut more bits off.
  • All dimensions are in tenths of a millimeter; So 123 is 12.3mm
  • After Entering new dimensions, click another Dimension Box or the Update Icon to see the changes.
  • The Print Icon will print accurately,[File Menu][Print] will not!
  • The top left of the picture will be the bottom right of the printout.
  • Double lines are folds, single lines are cuts.
  • The printer margins are not shown in the drawing.
  • To stick the side glue-flap accurately, fold the side the glue-flap is next to, flat onto the back, then the front will fold flat onto the flap. See the beginning of the Tucker Folding Video.
  • To stick the 'Clicker' top, make the rest of the box first, fold the click-flap away from the box, the lid down and the lid's 'arms' around the top. They should line up exactly and the top of the clicker flap should fold down to just touch their tops. Fold the clicker-flap up so that it won't click the first time (the glue or tape won't benefit from being stressed the first time) then Glue or tape the last bit of the lid to the arms. Once you've opened it you can fold the clicker-flap back outside the box and make sure the arms are stuck firmly to the front of the lid.
  • To fold the 'Tucker' bottom, push the back (squarest) flap in first, then the two sides, and finally the front, pushing the tongue into the slot that appears when you've pushed in a little way. The base should rest flat when you've pushed it back from inside.
  • JavaBox Net Designer is a Java Applet and requires normal security levels and Javascript enabled to run.
    Usually only programmers would disable Java.