Extreme Rookery
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Each ball has a matching colour hole in the wall to go to.
The balls only move up, down, left or right ↑↓←→ like chess Rooks ♜ but always going to their extreme position.
  • Touch-screen: swipe the balls into their holes in the walls.
  • Keyboard: Arrow keys move Bob (the cursor). Hold down Ctrl and Bob will carry the ball.
  • Change level using the Level text box or the Paging buttons, PgUp, PgDn
  • Restart using the 'Play' Button or any of: Esc, Home, End or Enter.
  • Use the Game Log to record, replay and share your strategy with friends.
For a hint, text-select the following line of white Hint text to highlight it and make it visible:
Copy Paste ^ Eject |<< Restart > Step >>| Replay

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